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Having an unreliable oven at home is one thing, but having one at work is an entirely different thing. If your livelihood is dependent on the quality and quantity of food you can serve to customers, you will have to be able to rely on the oven you use in your establishment.Fortunately, the list of ovens available is long and considerate of all kinds of cooks and bakers which should make it easier to find one that meets your specific needs. But let’s start with the basics: electric versus gas.

Electric Ovens

The initial purchasing cost of an electric oven is general cheaper than that of a gas oven, but over time, that will flip since electricity is still more expensive than gas. Electric ovens are also easier to install since they merely need to be put in their place and plugged in. They’re also known to cook more evenly and pose not nearly as much of a hazard as a gas oven since you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Gas Ovens

As previously mentioned, gas is cheaper than electricity. However, if you don’t already have a gas hookup in your establishment, installing one will leave you with a costly bill that scares off many businesses. It is also a good idea to consider whether you are looking to purchase a full range since many chefs prefer the visual gas flame over an electric stove top.

Commercial Ovens: Available Options

Starting with deck ovens, we are looking at ovens with heat elements on both the top and bottom which allows for different heat levels for different dishes you are preparing simultaneously. These types of ovens are wildly popular among all kinds of bakers, as well as businesses with limited floor space.

Next up are convection ovens which are some of the most popular models out there. Thanks to the inside fan, the air is continuously circulated which is a surefire way of achieving an evenly cooked or baked dish. These ovens are also known to work efficiently with short cooking times which makes them popular among small-time and start-up businesses since they are also very affordable. As per appliance repair services in Thornhill, these are the common preference.

When it comes to brick ovens, you will mostly find them with pizza chefs. However, they are also quite expensive in terms of purchasing costs and installment. What makes it worth it for many high-end pizza restaurants is the crispy crust and smoky flavor that is so popular among customers. Now as per your customer’s needs and wants, you can select the right oven.

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