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In a time, where everything seems to cost more, people are looking for ways to stretch their hard earned dollar in every day life as well as in the items they choose to put in their homes. Many people are looking for energy efficient appliances and features that save money and are also better for the environment due to the lower amount of energy consumed.

Ductless heating systems, called mini splits, are proving to be more energy efficient than traditional duct work systems which are found in most homes and businesses. Duct systems can lose energy because of the way they distribute the heat making them less efficient way of moving heat through a home. That is why to keep a check on it, you need to call in the appliance repair service in Thornhill.

Understanding Mini Split Heating Systems

The average ductless heating system requires hyrdonic (water) power and extra space for the heating methods. This can make them bulky and inconvenient for a lot of people. Mini split heating systems aren’t quite as complicated and are made of two main parts: a condenser and a compressor.

The condenser and compressor are stored outside the home and an air handling unit is placed in the home. The two units are linked by a conduit made from suction tubing, a power cable, a refrigerant and a condensate drain. Sometimes there are more air handling units, depending on the size of the area that requires heating. Each unit will have a thermostat to help regulate the air temperature in each room.

Benefits of Mini Split Heat Lamps

Besides improved energy efficiency and a less complicated installation, there are other advantages to choosing a mini split ductless heating system over the traditional duct heating system.

The heat provided by mini split heat pumps is better in individual rooms or zones. This is because of the air handling unit that is installed within each area or room of a home. This allows the user to easily get the desired temperature in certain areas and reduce the heat to areas of the home that are unoccupied. This is more efficient than traditional heating methods that heat a home uniformly.

Installing a mini split heating system is less disruptive to the interior of a home. The air handling components necessary to the unit aren’t excessively bulky and can be placed in different areas and positions of home. Air handlers can be suspended from ceilings, attached to walls, or mounted on drop ceilings.

In connection with the versatility of position placement, mini split heat lamps and heating systems are easy to install. Duct work is extensive, messy and time consuming. Perhaps the most challenging part of the installation process is coupling the indoor and outdoor components. This can be done through a three inch hole which is less invasive that traditional duct work installion. Outdoor units can be placed up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit which allows for more options for disreet placement of outdoor components.

Disadvantage of Mini Split Heat Lamps

While traditional duct work has a messier initial installation than mini split systems, the latter system can produce sticker shock since the installation is significantly more expensive. Often savings are realized in energy savings, but this takes a number of years to fully see. Some places will provide incentives or rebates for those interested in ductless heating systems.

Installation, although not complicated, needs to be done carefully. Improper placement of the air handler can significantly reduce the efficiency of the system, which is one of the main benefits of the unit.

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