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A lot has changed in people’s minds over the years, and the way we think about fridges is no exception from this. Whereas in the past refrigerators were considered to be this plain white box with a handle, today we tend to not just care about the size, but also the design and extra features.So before we sent you out there to go looking for that perfect match to your kitchen, let us help you narrow down your list of options to make your shopping trip shorter and less stressful.

What You Should Be Looking For

Let’s start with arguably the most important thing to consider:

Size: What you want is a fridge that is between two and five inches smaller than the space it is supposed to fit in. This small gap is necessary to allow the air to circulate. You also can’t forget about the door since that should be able to fully open without banging into walls or other furniture. With this, you may also want to watch out for reversible doors since that allows you to choose which direction you want to open it in.

Next comes, the interior space of your fridge. For this, you should consider that a full fridge will waste a whole lot less energy than an empty one since foods and liquids will help keep the air cool after they’ve reached the fridge’s desired temperature. To further help you pick the right size, you should look at yourself and your habits to get an estimate of how much you tend to store in the fridge. If it stops cooling anytime, don’t hesitate in calling the appliance repair service in Thornhill.

Appearance: If you’ve been looking for that perfect pop of color to complete the aesthetic of your kitchen, you will be happy to know that colorful refrigerators are no longer a thing of the future. They are now a thing of the present. The familiar whites, blacks and beiges are still available, but now we also get to choose from all other colors of the rainbow.

But color aside, you can choose from a wide variety of styles. You can have a free-standing unit, a built-in unit, a big or small fridge, different handles, different shapes and designs. It is all yours for the choosing.

Price: You can get away with fairly low prices for a still perfectly functional and long-lasting fridge. If you have no wishes beyond wire-shelves, a reversible door and turn dial thermostat, you will easily find a cheap model that’ll still make you happy.But if you’re looking for a built-in ice maker, a sensor-regulated interior temperature, glass shelves and humidity regulation, you will have a tougher time finding a non-costly model. You will also find a divide between regular midsize fridges and built-in models.

But as you are shopping, be sure to ask yourself whether you want a freezer compartment since that will only be a waste of space if not used, and also watch out for high-priced fridges. Some of them may not have the features to justify their expensiveness.

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