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Have you ever gone to your ice machine built into your refrigerator and put your glass up to the spout, pushed the button and then wait…one ice cube, two cubes, and finally you have enough to fill your glass but only after you stood there for a few seconds waiting and anticipating each ice cube. Why did it take so long for the ice cubes to fall into your glass? There are a few good reasons why ice becomes slow in the making. There are many easy ways to repair the problem yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

One way to fix this problem quickly is to adjust the temperature in your freezer. It is simple; if the freezer is too warm, the ice cannot form. Your freezer should be set on or close to zero degrees in order to keep your food safe and make ice cubes.

If the temperature in the freezer is adjusted to where it should be, check the condenser coil to see if it needs to be cleaned. You will also be able to check the condenser fan to ensure that it is working to cool both the condenser and the compressor. If the coil has frost built up around it, the air cannot circulate through the coil and then you will most likely need to defrost your freezer and start it back up before you can solve this issue.

Ice production could be slow because there was a problem in the water supply line. This would mean that your icemaker is working fine, but you could have an issue with the plumbing. First check the line to see if you are using a self-piercing saddle valve. If so, turn the valve all the way in and then back out again to make sure that the hole is large enough and water can clearly run.

Saddle valves can be self-tapped, if you turn them clockwise to pierce the water line. If you currently have a valve in place, there are valves that are not self-tapping that are recommended to use instead. Check your local hardware store for these options.

Now would be a good time to check the water filter. If the filter is older, or if it is damaged or worn out, then you may need to replace it. When the filter is defective or worn out, the water can slow down as it is filtered and this can hinder the production of ice.

There are several other troubleshooting issues that you can check off one by one when it comes to poor ice production. Once you find the cause of the problem, you can easily solve it yourself. However, you can hire an appliance repair professional in Thornhill, if you don’t discover the real reason for the delay in ice production.

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