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Appliance Repair Services in Thornhill

If you are looking for the quickest and most affordable appliance repair service in Thornhill, call the professionals at AF Appliance Repair Thornhill. We have provided Thornhill residents with professional, same-day service for all their major appliance repair issues for nearly two decades. Appliance repairs never happen at a convenient time. But with our 24/7 dispatch professionals on call, you can be assured that help is only a phone call away.

We repair all makes and models of household appliances including:

When you call the experts at AF Appliance Repair Thornhill, you get a professional, highly-trained staff that has the most up to date training on all appliances on the market today. Many new appliances are technologically complicated. Don’t entrust your major household appliances to repair technicians that are not trained in the most advanced technology.

Call us for:


we repair all makes of washers including front load, top load, high efficiency, commercial, and residential washers. When you have a washer that requires repair, we are the ones to call. If your washer won’t spin, makes loud noises, won’t agitate, or any other symptom or malfunction, we can have it running like new.


No matter which make and model you have, our expert technicians will diagnose and repair your dryer. No matter the issue, we will have your dryer working properly and let you get back to your busy life.


whether you have a side-by-side or a built-in model, simple or smart refrigerator, we have the technicians to fix it right the first time. If you see leaking or experiencing erratic or no cooling, we can get your refrigerator working again. When you call AF Appliance Repair Thornhill, we will have your refrigerator repaired in no time. Don’t waste money on ruined food. Call our 24/7 dispatch service for immediate service.


At AF Appliance Repair Thornhill, we repair all makes and models of ranges, stoves, cooktops, ovens, and convection ovens, both gas and electric. Call us if you see that elements aren’t working, sparking and ignition problems, surface damage, or any other problems. AF Appliance Repair Thornhill has the ability to repair or service your stove or oven immediately.


If your dishes remain cloudy or dirty even after a full cycle, call the experts. We can repair your dishwasher for any issues you may. Call us if you are seeing leaking, improper cleaning, hearing loud noises, or your unit is clogging. We can get your dishwasher working properly in no time. Call us at any time for any dishwasher repair you may have.


Iif your microwave has suffered a breakdown, it can be extremely inconvenient. At AF Appliance Repair Thornhill, we can repair your microwave to working order. Call us if you are seeing sparks, your microwave isn’t heating food properly, or the control panel is not working. We service all types of microwaves including built-in, over the range units, countertop units, and new drawer style units. We can get your microwave working like new.


If you are dealing with a garbage disposal that will not work, is clogged or jammed, is leaking or making strange noises, the technicians at AF Appliance Repair Thornhill can remedy your breakdown. Call us if you are experiencing a garbage disposal malfunction. We can get your disposal working properly again with a fast and efficient repair.

Preventive Appliance Maintenance in Thornhill

Don’t wait until you have an inconvenient and costly appliance breakdown. With a regular preventive maintenance plan, our expert technicians will do a complete diagnostic inspection and cleaning of all your household appliances to ensure that they are working efficiently. Not only does periodic maintenance offset unforeseen repair costs with timely inspections, but can often save money on utility bills. When your appliances are working efficiently, they are also working more energy efficiently,


Professional Appliance Installations in Thornhill

Most of our household appliances today require utility connections and need to consider codes and requirements. That is why installations for major appliances should be done by certified professionals.

Many appliance retailers don’t have the skilled technicians to do complete installations which is why many don’t offer if upon delivery. Handling electric, gas, or plumbing connections should be left to an expert. An incorrect installation could result in safety risks and potential flooding. Our technicians have the experience to do proper installations that ensure appliances are correctly and safely connected.

We have installed all makes and models of appliances and understand all the precautions that must be taken. We ensure that all appliances will be properly installed with no damage to your home. We also know how to move large and heavy objects and have the right equipment. Don’t risk improper appliance installations by having an inexperienced installer do the job.

Our installation technicians will make sure that your appliances are not only installed properly but are operating and performing correctly. They can make any adjustments necessary in order to make sure your new appliances are working to manufacturer requirements.

Call the Appliance Repair Experts

At AF Appliance Repair Thornhill, we have been serving the Thornhill community with the finest appliance repairs in the industry. Our technicians are all well-versed in the repair, maintenance, and installation of all of today’s appliances. Our excellent customer service and well-trained, friendly staff will make every effort to make sure that your appliance service is done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

If you are looking for a local appliance repair company to trust in Thornhill, call AF Appliance Repair Thornhill today for any appliance repair needs you may have.