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Because a washer-dryer combo washes and dries clothes, it simplifies a frequent chore. In addition, it does two jobs, but takes up as much space as a single appliance. Still, a smart consumer sets aside time for learning a bit about such combos, before attempting to buy one.

There are 2 types of washer dryer combos

Vented: A vented combo has to be located someplace where the vent can carry the hot air out. That hot air must pass through either a hole in the wall or a window. These combos dry clothes faster than is possible with a non-vented combo.

Non-vented: Can go anywhere that there is an electrical outlet and access to cold water. It uses a 2-chamber system, with one chamber that cools the hot air from the dryer. Once that air has cooled, it turns into water. That water must get flushed down a drain, or it can be sent into the building’s plumbing lines.

Features to be found on all washer dryer combos

Both types of appliances require access to electricity. Hence, both of them have to be placed in a spot that is close to an electrical outlet. In addition, both types depend on the availability of cold water. The presence of cold water aids performance of the combo’s dryer. Moreover, that cold water must flow at a specified rate. If the cold water flows too slowly, the hot air from the dryer will be producing hot air faster than it can handle that hot vapor.

Some questions to present to a seller, when shopping for a combo

Ask about the capacity of the washer and the dryer. Find out if all the clothes from the washer can go directly into the dryer. The literature suggests that the dryer can handle only a fraction of the clothes that a homemaker can put safely in the combo’s washer.

If you are looking at an appliance in which the produced water must get directed into the plumbing lines, learn how that gets done. Do you have to get some type of permit to have water directed into the plumbing lines?

Do not hesitate to ask a seller about permits, but stand prepared to seek a second opinion. Try to track down someone in the local government that knows something about permits. You need to talk with an appliance repair expert in Thornhill to seek details on the type of detergent you must use in the washer?

Make sure that you will not interfere with the appliance’s operation by using a fabric softener of some type. Learn, as well, whether a fabric softener can work effectively, once it has been added to a washer-dryer combo. Most homemakers do not want to disrupt their well-established laundry-room routine.

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