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Each convection oven contains two components that cannot be found in a traditional oven. One is the oven’s third heating element; the other is a fan. The presence of the fan works to ensure the likelihood that two different temperatures will converge. When that meeting takes place, heat gets transferred.

The fan’s presence also ensures the existence of moving air at the spot where the transference (transfer of the heat) takes place. The moving air speeds the rate at which the transference gets completed. That allows the cook to make some impressive dishes.

Dishes that can be made with relative ease when food heats rapidly and evenly

The butter in dough releases steam quickly. If the dough has been used to make biscuits, the biscuits become flaky. If the dough was used in a pie crust, then that crust is flakier than would be expected. The meat in a roast renders its fat. Owing to the presence of the rendered fat, that same roast browns readily. Still, it stays juicy.

Dishes that cannot be prepared by using a convection oven

Any dish that contains delicate foods; such foods demonstrate a speedy response to a large amount of heat, and should be heated on low, if cooked on a range. Any dish with a thin batter, such as custard or a soufflé; expect to encounter problems, if you intend to make a custard pie. You cannot expect custard to turn out right, if you use one of the convection ovens. On the other hand, your crust will be less flaky, when you use one of the traditional ovens.

The reason that such dishes should not be attempted relates to the speed with which the oven heats up. Delicate foods should be heated slowly. Hence, such foods need to be cooked in a traditional oven. In case you encounter issues with the heating, it is important to call in the appliance repair service in Thornhill.

Hints for cook using convection oven

During the pre-heating process, have the dial set at a temperature that is 25 degrees below the one given in the recipe or in any instructions on the box that was used to make that specific dish.

Do not assume that the time given in a recipe represents the ideal time for exposing a given dish to the intense heat that exists in a convection oven. Keep an eye on anything that has been place on the rack of an oven with three heating elements and a fan. Stand prepared to remove it from that appliance when it appears done.

Try rotating the pan, as the cooking process proceeds. This exposes all parts of the dish to those places where two different temperatures have converged. If baking some item, use baking pans with sides that are lower than normal.

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