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The major portion of a garbage disposal stays under the sink, where it cannot be seen. How can a homeowner know that it will soon be time to look for a new under-sink appliance? Here are some of the clues:

Leaking: Corrosive materials pass constantly through the pipes that lead from the grinding chamber.

Dull blades: It takes longer and longer for the food to get ground properly.

Odors released into the room: Sometimes a cleaning of the parts close to the drain in the sink does not help to destroy the unpleasant smell. That can indicate that the pipes lower down in the appliance have collected the smelly material. In that case, it makes sense to think about replacing the entire system.

Repeated need to reset appliance

Repeated clogging has become an annoyance

Types of disposals available to consumers

Continuous feed: This gets turned on with a switch. Once it gets running, food can be thrown into the opening in the sink. The smart homeowner runs cold water into the drain in the sink, after the grinding stops.

Batch feed: The user fills the grinding chamber with food and then covers it with a lid. Insertion of the lid causes the grinding to commence. The lid also helps to hide any of the disposal’s unpleasant odors.

Both types have a motor and a grinding chamber. That fact highlights the sort of features that should be of interest to the person that is shopping for a new garbage disposal. If there is any issue with the garbage disposal, it is essential that you call on the appliance repair specialist in Thornhill.

Features to consider when looking for a new disposal

Size of motor: If a disposal’s motor is rather small, it will not be able to handle lots of hard foods. By the same token, it will need to have all foods that are fed into it cut into small pieces.

Type of materials used in the grinding chamber: A stainless steel chamber will last longer than any of the others currently on the market. In addition, a grinding chamber made of stainless steel should prove easier to clean.

Options that the homeowner may want to consider

• Insulated chamber: This reduces the amount of noise that gets created during the grinding process.
• Sound buffer: This helps to insure a further reduction of the noise level.
• Corrosion protection shield: This helps to keep the sink from corroding.
• Enzyme reservoir: This is good to have in a home that relies on the presence of a septic system. The enzyme works on the garbage, and accelerates the rate of certain reactions. In that way, it helps to transform the garbage, so that it enters a state that matches with the ideal state of those items being fed into the septic system.

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