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In every household, people wear a variety of outfits. Moreover, each outfit reflects the tastes and needs of the person that wears it. Hence, the characteristics of the dirty clothes will differ from one household to the next. That difference must be considered when it comes time to select the ideal washing machine.

Naturally, the characteristics of the dirty clothes and linens represent only a part of the long list of factors that should be considered by the person that is shopping for a washer. Each such appliance has its own distinctive features. The smart shopper takes the time to study those specific features, as well. And they keep the contact details of the best appliance repair service in Thornhill for any future requirements.

Factors to consider when looking for a new washing machine

Price range of desired product: The family’s budget normally plays a large part in determining the preferred price range of the product of interest to the shopper. With respect to washers, top loaders are more affordable, but each of them demands more energy, when it is in operation.

Amount of water used by washer: A front-loading machine becomes full following introduction of 13 gallons of water. It takes between 30 and 45 gallons to fill a top-loader.

The washer’s capacity: The front loaded does not have an agitator, so it has a larger capacity. Still, the average-size machine cannot handle large items, such a spreads or blankets.

The machine’s power: The top loader exposes the items in a load to less wear and tear. In addition, it tends to be better at stain removal.

Amount of space taken up by washer: The front-loading washer normally takes up less space than a top loader. Some of that added space gets used for introduction of the agitator. Some of it explains the large amount of water required, in order to fill that particular machine.

Length of washer’s lifespan: Front loaders and high efficiency top loaders keep working for 11 years. The traditional top loader normally lasts for up to 14 years.

Type of detergent to be used in machine: A front-loading machine and a high efficiency top-loader need a specific kind of detergent. It is one that has the letters HE on its packaging.

Safety issues

In the past, parents have warned about the danger posed by the door’s accessibility in the front-loading machine. Children have been known to try hiding in that appliance. Manufacturers have not come up with a solution that lets parents put their fears to rest.

Recently one mother has written about the dangers introduced by a new feature. Her daughter got into a top loading machine and closed the door. That action triggered the release of water, in an attempt to start washing a new load.

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