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Summer and barbecues go hand-in-hand. When the sun is out and the air is hot, people love to whip out their grills and bust out the cool drinks. It’s a time to make new friends or revive relationships with old ones.But before the barbecue can commence, it is important to pick the right grill for you and for the occasion. And to make this step easier on you, we have compiled a handy-dandy guide with all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Types of Grills: Pros & Cons

While there are actually four main types of grills, for most people the choice lies between charcoal and gas grills.

#1: Charcoal Grill: Starting with charcoal grills, there is a list of pros and cons that come with it, as with most things in life. In this case, the pros lie in the pricing, heat and flavor. Or more specifically: charcoal grills are generally more affordable, manage higher temperatures, and are favored among people with a fine palate.

Among the cons, comes the running costs (lighter fluid and charcoal) which are higher than with other types of grills, the heat-up time which is quite long, and the maintenance, aka clean-up, which can be quite annoying.

#2: Gas grill: Continuing on with the gas grill, we reach a higher price range with lower running costs and still good taste. Among the proslie the easy maintenance, the almost stove-like function of having full control over the temperature at all times and the still great taste. It is also important to note that gas grills are the most environmentally friendly option among all grills.

There aren’t too many cons when it comes to gas grills. However, there is the initial purchasing cost which is quite high but later balances itself out by having lower running costs. The gas grill also doesn’t get as hot as charcoal but whether that affects the taste of the food can be argued about. But most importantly: propane gas can be very dangerous to use and should be handled with caution at all times. If there is any malfunction, call in the appliance repair expert in Thornhill.

#3:Electric grills: These are next on our list. They’re quite small compared to the others and can be used both in- and outside. The pros are that they’re quite affordable, easy to use and apartment friendly since there are generally no regulations against their use.The cons are the lack of that typical barbecue flavor that you can’t quite achieve with an electrical grill and the limitations of where you can use them since they require a nearby electrical outlet.

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