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What causes and oven to stop working? Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons for this inconvenience. The good news is that there are professionals available for these little issues that can make your day unbearable. Most of the time, these repairs are easy to diagnose and quick to treat and you may be able to fix the issue yourself without calling a professional out to your home. Here are a few issues that professionals here the most and what may be the reason for them

One common complaint comes from the oven. When the temperature is inconsistent, roasts may not get done and meals become ruined. The food can also become overly cooked as well. This could be due to the thermometer being faulty. Once the thermometer is replaced the temperature should be restored again. While you can replace the thermometer yourself, having an appliance repair professional in Thornhill to do it for you can benefit you because they can also check on other issues that may be occurring in your oven, if any.

Another complaint is when the door doesn’t fit correctly. If the oven door doesn’t close properly so that it is lined up, then the heat from the oven could escape and food may not get done. While this is a minor issue it is still one that makes it difficult to deal with. Check to see if there are any screws loose in the door. Also eye it to see if the door looks warped. If the oven door is not closing right, you will want to address this issue as soon as possible to ensure that the oven is heating your food as it should.

Electric stove will not heat up

The electric stove features coiled burners that are activated when the knobs are turned. If you turn them on but nothing happens you could have some that are burned out. You can replace these yourself by making a trip to the hardware store and buying the replacement. You will need your model number and the brand name of your stove in order to find the right replacements. Make sure the unit is unplugged before you take off and put on the coils.

If your gas stove no longer ignites, then you may have an issue. This is an issue that you certainly want to save for a professional. You want to make sure that the professional has experience working on the stoves and ovens like what you have before you schedule and appointment.

While these little dramatic issues can certainly cause an inconvenience, these occur quite often. But these issues can all be repaired easily by a professional. Any time you are in doubt about what could be wrong with your stove, you will want to get a professional to come and look at your unit for you to determine what it could be and how it can be fixed.

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